The NBA in FORTNITE! (Basketball Update!)

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Fortnite just made a HUGE announcement about the NBA in Fortnite! There's going to be a big NBA x Fortnite community event in honor of the NBA finals and a DOPE set of Fortnite Skins! We also talk about some other leaks for fortnite season 7!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! So glad you guys liked the video about everything Epic didn't tell you in the new Fortnite Season 6 update! Today we check out NBA in Fortnite crossover event! Hope you enjoy!


  1. Eva Burnett
    Eva Burnett
    2 ditë më parë

    But you know I’m not big on my home team which is the Mavericks because they suck I’m picking you talk Utah

  2. Eleazar Gonzalez
    Eleazar Gonzalez
    7 ditë më parë

    I know this is not really important but I still would like to have a 00 edit style jersey in the game

  3. David FXP
    David FXP
    15 ditë më parë

    Sypher would have 10mill subs if all his viewers were subbed 😼

  4. Brody clarke
    Brody clarke
    17 ditë më parë


  5. mahtab ahmad
    mahtab ahmad
    18 ditë më parë

    Get ready get ready it’s about gonna be sweaty đŸ„”

  6. AyeBrickz
    19 ditë më parë

    celtics but ima pick another teams cause i also want black gold green red for my skins

  7. ppmanpeder
    19 ditë më parë

    I'm not a bandwagen but if I buy it i will go with the warriors. Even though i dont play Fortnite.

  8. caleb
    20 ditë më parë


  9. King  jr
    King jr
    20 ditë më parë

    I Havit

  10. christopher nieves
    christopher nieves
    20 ditë më parë

    The skins look sick!! the collabs are insane

  11. AT Hoops
    AT Hoops
    20 ditë më parë

    Im rocking Portland Trail Blazers, MY TEAM Who else is repping?

  12. Camden Hiscock
    Camden Hiscock
    21 ditë më parë

    Can you gift me one please

  13. Ended-the-fed
    21 ditë më parë

    Lakers gonna win it all, Sypher

    21 ditë më parë

    Who’s ready to crash a helicopter?

  15. onofre silva
    onofre silva
    21 ditë më parë

    I dont want to sub man!

  16. Marcy poo Poo
    Marcy poo Poo
    21 ditë më parë

    Hey I’ve been a Lakers fan like all my life because my dad can’t say I’m a bandwagon

  17. Lorenzo Ingram
    Lorenzo Ingram
    21 ditë më parë

    You can’t dunk and hang on a rim like Michael jordan

  18. Cactus Cudder
    Cactus Cudder
    22 ditë më parë

    My home team is the nets.

  19. Jaylen Davison
    Jaylen Davison
    22 ditë më parë

    Add me @FaZeMTT METTATON

  20. Zakk Defee
    Zakk Defee
    22 ditë më parë

    i m not a bandwagon team been watching kobe andvtge lamers since 09

  21. Mohammed Qavollari
    Mohammed Qavollari
    22 ditë më parë


  22. ProdigySZN
    22 ditë më parë

    oh god now everyone’s gonna wear laker 24

    22 ditë më parë

    This man said “they are gonna play like they are in the nba championships” lmao it’s called the finals

  24. Abdullah Orilonise
    Abdullah Orilonise
    23 ditë më parë

    0:05 Longest travel in basketball history

  25. Karen The buster
    Karen The buster
    23 ditë më parë

    I'll chose New York Knicks

  26. Francisco Alvarez
    Francisco Alvarez
    24 ditë më parë

    Can you pls gift me the nba girl skins pls

  27. Christopher Heatley
    Christopher Heatley
    24 ditë më parë

    fortniteÂŽs gay

    1. 100 subs without posting challenge!
      100 subs without posting challenge!
      21 ditë më parë

      Jk no offence

  28. grayboyy8
    24 ditë më parë

    Yo I wish I could play fortnite but my step dad and my mom broke my Nintendo and I love fortnite it was the only game I played until they broke it

  29. Tu amigo sonny06
    Tu amigo sonny06
    24 ditë më parë

    I just realised Sypherpk doesn’t play while talking lol

  30. kanon elima
    kanon elima
    24 ditë më parë

    why? i hate it but its cool but dum

  31. Alan Garibay
    Alan Garibay
    24 ditë më parë

    Learn how to say Samus right

  32. KSI’S fat forehead 69
    KSI’S fat forehead 69
    24 ditë më parë

    It’s not an update

  33. BALL1STA___
    24 ditë më parë

    Milwaukee Bucks all the way

  34. TRBBM3
    24 ditë më parë

    Male manic is sick

  35. Mathew Fuller
    Mathew Fuller
    24 ditë më parë

    They need to bring out the teenage mutant ninja turtles skins on fortnite

  36. Anil
    24 ditë më parë

    how long will they be in the item shop for?

  37. Sumaira Siddique
    Sumaira Siddique
    25 ditë më parë

    I am in Toronto Raptors

  38. Jay -_-
    Jay -_-
    25 ditë më parë

    I was born in Brooklyn and my fav player on the nets so that’s who I’m choosing

  39. Cam1k
    25 ditë më parë

    I support bulls pacers and nets

  40. RayhanFN
    25 ditë më parë

    I wanted to do chicago bulls coz when i was was 7 or 8 i was a huge fan of michael jordan but i just....... idk i went with the lakers srry sypher

  41. Cooksuckingbitch
    25 ditë më parë


  42. sjm
    25 ditë më parë

    OK are we going to ignore that a basketball ltm is coming

  43. Kyle Williams
    Kyle Williams
    25 ditë më parë


  44. Julian Ramos
    Julian Ramos
    25 ditë më parë

    Lakers is my home town team

  45. elijah sterling
    elijah sterling
    25 ditë më parë

    This nigga said the NBA Spurs đŸ€ŠđŸŸđŸ€ŠđŸŸ

  46. A Bit of Productivity
    A Bit of Productivity
    25 ditë më parë

    I live in Houston but like my fav team is Mavericks

  47. Stephen Novak
    Stephen Novak
    25 ditë më parë

    gotta go hornets for lamelo

  48. Alex_STG28
    25 ditë më parë

    A will love if they put to the battle pass drift and Zelda pls epic games.

  49. Dalton Crider
    Dalton Crider
    25 ditë më parë

    I’m on the 76ers

  50. The Expo Marker
    The Expo Marker
    25 ditë më parë

    Grizzlies all the way

    25 ditë më parë

    I love Sypher his vids are amazing he talks about fortnite and plays fortnite

  52. Leo Romero
    Leo Romero
    25 ditë më parë

    Bro right after I delete the game this happens

  53. Wumboz
    25 ditë më parë

    I gonna pick Toronto Raptors

  54. Daniel Susanto
    Daniel Susanto
    25 ditë më parë

    i chose my home team the cleavland cavaliers

  55. Deano Burrino
    Deano Burrino
    25 ditë më parë

    I want Naruto!!

  56. Max Murphy
    Max Murphy
    25 ditë më parë

    Yo why tf are their girls in this pack. If I remember correctly, there aren’t any girls in the NBA

    1. siqinsu
      25 ditë më parë

      Plus the more skins the more money smart on their part

    2. siqinsu
      25 ditë më parë

      Dude... it’s not a basketball game u think they care.

  57. Dhruv Patel
    Dhruv Patel
    25 ditë më parë

    I think the video is going to be like MrBeast and dream the 1 pro versus 99 players

  58. crunchy Is Santa
    crunchy Is Santa
    25 ditë më parë

    ima be picking my knicks

  59. Gavin4513
    25 ditë më parë

    Hornets lamelo Ball

  60. 22FireL7 L
    22FireL7 L
    25 ditë më parë

    Bruh I wonder how pros get soooooo good loot like bruh😑😑😑😑

  61. Pankaj Sharma
    Pankaj Sharma
    25 ditë më parë

    steph curry mvp

  62. Andressa Rodrigues
    Andressa Rodrigues
    26 ditë më parë

    Next Nintendo collab: Fortnite vs Animal Crossing

  63. N3onDion YT
    N3onDion YT
    26 ditë më parë

    I'm representing Texas to with the Dallas mavericks

  64. RAIL230
    26 ditë më parë

    Man I got a error for 6 month in fort nite and I hope that I get the battle pass😔

  65. Ringo
    26 ditë më parë

    Houston rockets

  66. Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer
    26 ditë më parë

    I’m picking nets cause I love James harden\

  67. Bravo team4067
    Bravo team4067
    26 ditë më parë

    I went with the bulls

  68. BMM
    26 ditë më parë

    I'm a 2k player and this looking better than 2k rn

  69. Dominic Gillmore
    Dominic Gillmore
    26 ditë më parë


  70. I Lost k1ngwrrlldd
    I Lost k1ngwrrlldd
    26 ditë më parë

    im going with nets

  71. Muffinman
    26 ditë më parë

    I want the basketball Ltd it’s my favorite sport

  72. Muffinman
    26 ditë më parë

    I want the basketball Ltd it’s my favorite sport

  73. Muffinman
    26 ditë më parë

    Ima go with my favorite team the bulls plz don’t judge

  74. Hunter Duefield
    Hunter Duefield
    26 ditë më parë

    I'm picking celtics

  75. matthewlefebvre27272
    26 ditë më parë


  76. Matt Becker
    Matt Becker
    26 ditë më parë

    Philly born and raised, go sixers!!

  77. Vijay Thota
    Vijay Thota
    26 ditë më parë

    I am clippers fan

  78. Ugh Ugh
    Ugh Ugh
    26 ditë më parë

    Thats rude ;-; i like the lakers lmao

  79. Alisha Fish
    Alisha Fish
    26 ditë më parë

    “It just had to be done “ 😂

  80. BLaDe
    26 ditë më parë

    I picked the suns đŸ’ȘđŸ’Ș

  81. slapdaddy
    26 ditë më parë

    WNBA is a joke

  82. Matija Novakovic
    Matija Novakovic
    26 ditë më parë

    Bulls to win

  83. Nul1fy
    26 ditë më parë

    yeah the NBA skins will be super sweaty. soccer skins where sweaty cuz they where slim but now people like Basketball way more than soccer so these skins will be EVERYWHERE

  84. Musical Fish
    Musical Fish
    26 ditë më parë

    NBA blows. I get they’re desperate for crossover considering how the NBA’s ratings are in the toilet. NBA is a terrible product. NBA needs Fortnite more than vice versa

  85. TOM
    26 ditë më parë


  86. Alessandro Leonardi
    Alessandro Leonardi
    26 ditë më parë

    I chose golden state warriors

  87. Epic
    26 ditë më parë

    So glad he called out them bums that signed up for the Lakers.

  88. Johnny Raincloud
    Johnny Raincloud
    26 ditë më parë

    spurs arent even in the play offs though lol

  89. sharktoofs
    26 ditë më parë

    I really liked the part where you talked about ItzBullzye

  90. james parker
    james parker
    26 ditë më parë

    i love how right when fortnite is getting good my main and secondary accounts get deleted by epic and when i get on it kicks me from match and says im using vpn and im not

  91. Agent Ghost
    Agent Ghost
    26 ditë më parë

    It’s cool how your a gamer but an athlete at the same time.

  92. Andrew Anastasiades
    Andrew Anastasiades
    26 ditë më parë

    Infantry gameplay the most entertaining

  93. killstrike 117
    killstrike 117
    26 ditë më parë

    not every one has to sub

  94. Marc 288
    Marc 288
    26 ditë më parë

    Toronto raptors baby

  95. Dark Viber
    Dark Viber
    26 ditë më parë

    I’ll pick my home team, the Golden State Warriors, GO GO DUBNATION!

  96. My name Jeff
    My name Jeff
    26 ditë më parë


  97. My name Jeff
    My name Jeff
    26 ditë më parë


  98. kingzcooper
    26 ditë më parë

    Why do you still play

  99. kingzcooper
    26 ditë më parë

    You sweats

  100. Sierra Period
    Sierra Period
    26 ditë më parë

    Im from Alabama but moved to New York City not to long ago so I gotta go with the Knicks